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Granite Group SRL

Partner Sectors


Having partnered with experienced energy companies that provide energy for our projects in the United States and worldwide, having provided over 1 giga watt of electricity; we will continue to provide energy to private industry and municipalities within the United States and the Dominican Republic. 

Transportation & Infastructure

Using cutting-edge technology to create the most advanced and environmentally responsible infrastructure (including wi-fi, data, smart roads, and interactive smart streets). All modes of transportation will be eco-friendly contributing to a zero-carbon footprint community.


School of Hospitality, Artificial Intelligence Programming, Medical School, Agriculture School. Grades Pre-Kinder through 12th, Post-Secondary, and Vocational Schools. 


 Level One Trauma/Medical Center, Longevity and Life Extension Center, Stem Cells Clinic. 


Creating a data center to be able to attract A.I. companies and programmers. 

Real Estate

 Real Estate – Making houses LEED certified, using the best designers, architects, and contractors to create a eco / human-friendly community.